Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC’s hopes are that every Nonprofit Organisation across Southern Africa will have access to the #ThembaSouthernAfrica Programme and its resources and will simply pay-it-forward.

Registration details: 216-854NPO / 2017|173092|08 / VAT: 4170284923

The #ThembaSouthernAfrica Capacity Building Training covers topics:

a) Introduction to Cyberbullying and Bullying – including stats and facts that Nonprofit Organisations may use in advocacy and awareness campaigns;
b) Examples of Cyberbullying;
c) What to do when Cyberbullying takes places;
d) How to report cases of Cyberbullying;
e) Smartphone App Digital Literacy;
f) Online Safety for Social Media Platforms and Technology.

To date, the #ThembaSouthernAfrica Programme has trained 85 Nonprofit Organisations across the Western and Eastern Cape and hopes to target 45 Nonprofit Organisations between February and November 2020.

When we started developing this programme, we felt it necessary to create a unique train-the-trainer system that is easy to understand as a parent, educator or youth. The people that are closest to us and love us the most are often best equipped to help end (or deal with the effects of) bullying and online abuse. When taking into consideration the fact that many Nonprofit organisations have personal and long-standing relationships within their communities, it was only natural to want to equip them, as trainers, first.

The #ThembaSouthernAfrica Programme seeks the following audiences:

1) Youth focused Nonprofit Organisations, i.e. Youth Café’s in the Western Cape;
2) Teachers;
3) Youth Leaders.

Phambano is currently reaching out to National and International stakeholders to partner and welcomes any invitation to address non-profits in Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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