Bullying was initially something that happened in playgrounds at school, school buses and on the way to school for those kids who walked. This was probably just the only time a child experienced bullying cause when they got home no one was harassing them anymore – the bully went home too.  However, with the popularity of the internet and social media networks, online live streams, online gaming and more, bullying gained a whole new other meaning.  It turned from the traditional bullying we know into a giant beast we now know as cyberbullying.  What is Cyberbullying?  Cyberbullying really is no different from the traditional bullying we were familiar with.  The aim is still the same and that is to cause harm, emotional distress and embarrassment towards someone else. The only thing that set traditional bullying and cyberbullying apart is the fact that cyberbullying happens on a larger scale because of the access and vastness of the internet and social online platforms.  Why is cyberbullying more harmful when compared to traditional face-face bullying?  Cyberbullying as a massive impact on…

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Stop Cyberbullying Day 2020 has arrived and there has never been a more important time to come together to promote kindness and acceptance while forming a collective voice against hate and abuse. The success of last year’s event saw a wide range of activities around the world taking place including brands, celebrities and influencers using their platforms to educate and empower, governments re-affirming their goals and responsibilities, Pope Francis launching a 24-hour special Stop Cyberbullying Day telecast of thought leaders and academics from Vatican City, and school children on every continent working together to show their commitment to a kinder more inclusive internet. For Stop Cyberbullying Day 2020, The Cybersmile Foundation, who are founders and coordinators of the event, are announcing a jam-packed event with a host of new and familiar faces all working together to inspire people of all ages to be kinder and more considerate online. This year’s…

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How to start a conversation with your child about their online activity

There will possibly come a time when your child will encounter some form of a bad situation online. It is best to start having meaningful and open conversations with them early on in their online journey than have to crisis-manage a hurt, bullied or flamed child online. Firstly, it is important to understand the terminology used by perpetrators and children online so that you can educate them or pick up where things are going wrong should they speak about it. The internet is full of resources to help you do this. Secondly, take note of a few things in their behavior that could highlight the fact that things are not as “okay” as they seem: Being secretive about who they are talking to online Using sexual language you wouldn’t expect them to know Communicating by means of a combination of emoji’s Switching their screens off when you approach How to…

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