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What is Parents Corner? “We recognise that parenting is not easy and that the cellphone has added to the generation gap, especially if you as a parent are perplexed by mobile technology and just can’t get the gist of why thumb culture is so appealing to today’s youth.  Parents Corner aims to provide you with a toolbox to better equip you to make informed parenting decisions when it comes to cellphones. The only way for parents to close the technological generation gap is to use the mobile technology tools that their children use.” – Below are the top 5 Blog Posts on Parents Corner to help you as an Educator or Parent: DO YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN HAVE DIGITAL DEMENTIA? Do you rely on your smartphone to do most of your problem solving, date keeping and reminding? Do you jump straight onto Google when you’re looking for an answer to a tricky…

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MOMO and YouTube

After the #MOMOChallenge went viral last week, parents across the world asked, what do we do now? Below are our top 5 actions to consider to help keep your family safer online: – After seeing a Momo video on YouTube, report it! Then, block the user account and email YouTube to request they take the video and user accounts down. It is extremely unfair for any of us to expect 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16-year-olds to report harmful content on any platform – they are too young to navigate such a decision. – If you need to have your child watch YouTube videos simply download videos in advance (after you have screened them) and make them available for watching later on. This can be done on both YouTube and Netflix – tip for frequent flyers, download your series before take off and then…

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