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Bolo App From Google

Bolo is an Android app developed to aid children in Grades 1 to 5 to learn to read confidently – anytime, anywhere, using their own voice.  The app works offline and uses speech-based technology to encourage children to read aloud – just the way they naturally do – making it an engaging way to learn to read. The helpful in-app reading buddy, Diya, also encourages them by providing positive reinforcement when they read correctly and helps out by giving suggestions when they don’t. How does it work? Read Words : Children can tap on any word to hear it pronounced. When they practice reading a word, the app will show them if the word was read correctly by making it green. Understand Words: For non-native speakers of a language, Diya explains the meaning of a word or the sentence in the native language on tapping for help. Languages supported at the…

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