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Bullying was initially something that happened in playgrounds at school, school buses and on the way to school for those kids who walked. This was probably just the only time a child experienced bullying cause when they got home no one was harassing them anymore – the bully went home too.  However, with the popularity of the internet and social media networks, online live streams, online gaming and more, bullying gained a whole new other meaning.  It turned from the traditional bullying we know into a giant beast we now know as cyberbullying.  What is Cyberbullying?  Cyberbullying really is no different from the traditional bullying we were familiar with.  The aim is still the same and that is to cause harm, emotional distress and embarrassment towards someone else. The only thing that set traditional bullying and cyberbullying apart is the fact that cyberbullying happens on a larger scale because of the access and vastness of the internet and social online platforms.  Why is cyberbullying more harmful when compared to traditional face-face bullying?  Cyberbullying as a massive impact on…

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The 5 Faces Of Cyberbullying

In a recent study conducted by Ipsos Global, results showed that about 80% of South Africans are aware of cyberbullying and almost 3-quarters of South Africans believe that the anti-bullying tactics that are in place are not enough to combat cyberbullying. The sad truth is that no matter how hard parents try to control their children’s devices, there are always loopholes that make it almost impossible for them to do so. We believe that parents need to educate themselves and their children continuously to help protect against cyberbullying. Listed below are the ‘5 faces of cyberbullying’. These are the most common forms of cyberbullying acts we identify in South African schools during our training workshops. Being able to identify cyberbullying is the first step parents need to take to help educate themselves and their children: The use of false images, videos and messages to hurt or threaten someone else. Sometimes…

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Addressing Cyberbullying With Your Child

As a parent of teenagers in 2020, one of the last things you want to hear is that your child has either been cyberbullied or is the cyberbully. The worst part of this situation is finding out about the matter long after it has already started. Many parents often blame themselves because they feel that they have failed their children when they needed them the most. Parents are often encouraged to keep open communication with their children so that it becomes easier to address issues as they occur. If you happen to find yourself in the situation of having to address a case of cyberbullying, see our list below of the recommended ways to do so: Recommended: If you suspect your child is being bullied online, try to talk about it with your child away from his/her siblings. Taking them to a private space where they feel comfortable to open-up…

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