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Fake News Reporting On Social Media

Fake News online is a term used to refer to fabricated and misleading news.  Basically – it is a lie someone creates online to distract people from the real news and truth.   When it comes to fake news, this is what is important to remember: the information is false, but it seems true.  Here are a few things to consider when trying to identify whether a post or article online is fake news:  Dive deeper:  Where is the source of the story  Do you recognise the website and is the website legit  Research the author – are they known to spread misinformation, disinformation or fake news  Read the entire article   A shocking headline which would be created to grab your attention Often in fake news the headline is all in CAPS and includes a bunch of exclamation marks and warning calls to action   Who else is reporting this news?  If it’s only one source, and contradictory to…

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Fake News

What is fake news?  Fake news consists of misinformation or hoaxes that are deliberately published on newspapers, television, radio and social media sites for the purposes of: misinforming people, humiliating, bullying and causing hurt, financial gain or to push a political agenda.  In the time of social media, it’s all over the place and it’s obscuring the line between actuality and fictional news. Be that as it may, the question now is how can we expect children to be able to spot fake news online when we as adults are failing?  The dangers of fake news  Media and the news influences the way we think and ultimately helps us make decisions that impacts our lives and that of the world in general. These are some of the impact/dangers that fake news cause:  Financial loss for a business  Affects government operations and elections  Cyberbullying – a victim of cyberbullying can experience suicidal thoughts, they can also isolate themselves from people and can perform poorly at school or…

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