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How to manage screentime during Covid-19 School Suspension and the Holidays

Schools across the country in SA, and countries abroad, are on shut down due to COVID-19. Many children are now spending most of their time confined to their homes. Between the television and online school work, children will be spending more time staring at screens, which is not the healthiest. Screen time can be part of a healthy lifestyle for children when it’s balanced  with other activities that are necessary for your child’s development, like physical play, reading and socializing with family. Getting the right balance also includes making sure screen time doesn’t interfere with sleep. Our tips below can help you encourage your child to use ‘screen time’ in a balanced and healthy way: Make rules about screen use You can help your child find the balance between screen use and other activities by working with your child on some family rules with regards to screen time. Besides the plethora of…

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How To Help Your Teen If They Are In Trouble Online

Are you aware of what your teens are getting up to online and do you know how best to help them should they be in trouble? As your children reach their teenage years, the internet will more than likely become a part of their daily lives. Teenagers very quickly catch onto new technology and they use it to communicate with their peers through social media platforms and messaging apps. They often have instant access to smartphones and tablets and these devices enable them access to the internet and an open access to a wide range of social media sites, movies and online gaming. Keeping your Teen safe online starts at home! Education, education, education! As a parent it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of what your teens are doing online and to know how you can help them should they land themselves in compromising situations. We have drafted…

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Sharenting What Parents Need To Know

Sharenting comes from a blend of two words: parenting and sharing.  The modern definition of the word is: parents sharing high volumes of pictures; videos and information of their children online.   Regardless of whether you don’t have kids, you’ve most likely got online friends who persistently post about their children, their birthday celebrations, trips taken, first steps, first day of school, pre-school graduations and so much more.   Sharing a couple of photos on social media platforms may appear to be genuinely innocuous, however, sharing every milestone of your children’s lives on social media may have negative impacts later on in life when they grow up to face the real world.  Possible dangers of sharenting  Bullying and resentment: As a parent, you might share a photo or video of your child that you think is funny or cute. Because the content is online it has a potential to be viewed by many people…

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