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How to manage screentime during Covid-19 School Suspension and the Holidays

Schools across the country in SA, and countries abroad, are on shut down due to COVID-19. Many children are now spending most of their time confined to their homes. Between the television and online school work, children will be spending more time staring at screens, which is not the healthiest. Screen time can be part of a healthy lifestyle for children when it’s balanced  with other activities that are necessary for your child’s development, like physical play, reading and socializing with family. Getting the right balance also includes making sure screen time doesn’t interfere with sleep. Our tips below can help you encourage your child to use ‘screen time’ in a balanced and healthy way: Make rules about screen use You can help your child find the balance between screen use and other activities by working with your child on some family rules with regards to screen time. Besides the plethora of…

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