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Sharenting What Parents Need To Know

Sharenting comes from a blend of two words: parenting and sharing.  The modern definition of the word is: parents sharing high volumes of pictures; videos and information of their children online.   Regardless of whether you don’t have kids, you’ve most likely got online friends who persistently post about their children, their birthday celebrations, trips taken, first steps, first day of school, pre-school graduations and so much more.   Sharing a couple of photos on social media platforms may appear to be genuinely innocuous, however, sharing every milestone of your children’s lives on social media may have negative impacts later on in life when they grow up to face the real world.  Possible dangers of sharenting  Bullying and resentment: As a parent, you might share a photo or video of your child that you think is funny or cute. Because the content is online it has a potential to be viewed by many people…

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