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The 5 Faces Of Cyberbullying

In a recent study conducted by Ipsos Global, results showed that about 80% of South Africans are aware of cyberbullying and almost 3-quarters of South Africans believe that the anti-bullying tactics that are in place are not enough to combat cyberbullying. The sad truth is that no matter how hard parents try to control their children’s devices, there are always loopholes that make it almost impossible for them to do so. We believe that parents need to educate themselves and their children continuously to help protect against cyberbullying. Listed below are the ‘5 faces of cyberbullying’. These are the most common forms of cyberbullying acts we identify in South African schools during our training workshops. Being able to identify cyberbullying is the first step parents need to take to help educate themselves and their children: The use of false images, videos and messages to hurt or threaten someone else. Sometimes…

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Suspecting Your Child Is Being Cyberbullied

Cyberbullying is the use of technology (social media, email, text messaging etc..) to pester, undermine, humiliate, or target someone else – which typically happens to the youth. When an adult is cyberbullied, it might include digital badgering or cyberstalking, a crime that can have lawful outcomes and include prison time. Cyberbullying can also happen coincidentally. The indifferent idea of text messages, DMs, and social media posts makes it exceptionally difficult to identify the sender’s tone — one individual’s joke could be another’s harmful affront. However, a rehashed pattern of messages, emails, and online posts is rarely unplanned. Since numerous children are hesitant to report being bullied, some parents find it difficult to notice when their children are being cyberbullied. Be that as it may, ongoing studies on cyberbullying reveal that around 1 out of 4 teenagers have been victims of cyberbullying, and around 1 out of 6 confess to having…

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