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Acronyms 2DAY Today 4EAE For ever and ever ADN Any day now ADR Address AEAP As early as possible AFAIK As far as I know AFK Away from keyboard ALAP As late as possible ASL Age/sex/location ATM At the moment BFN Bye for now BOL Be on later BRB Be right back BTW By the way C-P Sleeply CTN Can’t talk now CD9 Code 9 – it means parents are around DWBH Don’t worry, be happy F2F or FTF Face to face FWB Friends with benefits FYEO For your eyes only GAL Get a life GB Goodbye GLHF Good luck, have fun GNOC Get Naked on Cam GTG Got to go GYPO Get your pants off HAK Hugs and kisses HAND Have a nice day HTH Hope this helps / Happy to help HW Homework IDK I don’t know IIRC If I remember correctly IKR I know, right? ILY /…

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