Online Safety Roadshow – Cape Town

Does your Nonprofit Organisation or School need capacity building to address cyberbullying and safety online?

We have partnered with The Cape Town Science Centre and Google Africa to offer free Online Safety Training for Educators, Parents and Learners across Cape Town, Western Cape.

The duration of the training provided is 90 minutes and it addresses:

  • Cyberbullying: What exactly is it and how to report incidents of it.
  • Online Safety: How to keep the youth and their digital profiles safe and secure online.
  • Parental Controls: How can parents monitor their children’s activity online to help safeguard them?
  • Phishing and Fake News: How to identify and safeguard your devices against it?
  • Online Browsing for Homework: How to help learners keep safe while using the internet to research for homework assignments.
  • Respect and Etiquette Online: How can educators teach learners to be safe, smart, kind and aware online?
Online Safety Roadshow Cape Town 2019
Online Safety Roadshow Cape Town 2019

Training is provided at no cost to your NGO or school and takes places on your premises.

Please submit an expression of interest for this training by completing the form below:

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